Setting up a Non-Attributable system on a Linode VPS

Security analyst need a system to perform research on that is non-attributable, i.e. one that cannot be traced back to them or there company. The non-attributable system’s purpose is to keep adversaries from knowing when you are on to them. This article outlines how to setup a Linux VPS on and demonstrates how fast and easy it is to rebuild it with another operating system if needed. 

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So you want to be a Cyber Security Analyst…


Welcome to our humble digital abode! This site is all about cyber security and the tools needed to make it happen so if you are or want to be a cyber security analyst this is a good resource. Cyber security has different meanings depending on who you are talking too, here we will be covering it from a technical practitioner perspective and not as much from the management perspective. With that said, we will try to categorize content into the following five categories:

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